….. the better looking will outsell the other.” Raymond Loewy

For anybody involved in selling property, whether an agent or private vendor (owner), getting full market value or more is the prime goal. Of course there is much competition but in recent years this has been compounded by the rise in popularity of property portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla and now, On The Market. Today’s property buyers can quickly scroll through nearly all available properties and in just a few clicks, have them listed in the order they choose. This is great for the buyer but increased competition is making it harder for the seller and in many cases, sellers or agents working on their behalf, will make price reduction after price reduction to get more people to look closer and better understand the value of their offering.

Finding property has become a process of elimination.

Before the portals came about, buyers would beat the high street trying to find property that fits with their requirements. This is rarely the case these days because all of that information is now available at their fingertips on screen. Endurance is no longer a factor. Each listing is accompanied by one photograph or three much smaller ones on a premium listing and this is all you have to make buyers want to click. Many listings don’t get clicked because people are very easy to eliminate, if what they see doesn’t fit with their expectations. This click rate is currently at around 6% which means 94 out of every 100 homes listed in the buyer’s search criteria, fall at the first hurdle. 94!

Estate agents are not photographers.

Soon after landing my first job as an estate agent I realised that estate agents are not photographers. Photography is something I have been into since the days well before digital cameras and I was happy that I had something good to bring to the table. To be fair, nobody is good at everything but what worried me most is the fact that most agents won’t use professional photographers. Why is this so? Cost is one factor for sure but essentially I think it’s simply because many agents don’t use professional photographers. If most of them did you can be pretty sure that the rest would follow. You can instantly tell a pro photo from an amature one and if you take a quick look at the listings in your area now, I would guess that less that one in ten are taken by pros. London may be an exception and maybe those listed in the USA and Australia. If you really want to see the worst but not so uncommon examples of these bad estate agent photos, visit:

http://terriblerealestateagentphotos.com/ The blog’s owner is a comic genius!

Timing is everything!

Now is the time to act if you want to leverage the situation described above and currently, you really can stand out from the crowd if you are an agent or private vendor in competition with the rest. In the not too distant future, when all listings are boasting pro photography the leverage will not be so good and the photography will no doubt cost a lot more.

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