Recently I attended a day course on Property Photography at the Property Photography Academy which was held at Hanbury Manor in Ware, Hertfordshire and I highly recommend. I have always been into cameras and learned on an old Olympus OM10 which is a fully manual SLR film camera. You had to set everything on those things even the focusing was manual. Putting your camera in portrait mode meant adjusting the aperture, for action shots, the shutter speed or both. The cameras we all enjoy today are miles ahead but I am glad I learned the hard way.

Being a musician and having lots of muso friends I mainly photographed live gigs in and around Blackpool and of course the odd friend’s wedding. I am fairly new to the property industry and I had never photographed a property for marketing before. I was shocked at how generally low the standard is right across the industry and the ones that did do a good job were usually at the upper end of the market, using paid professionals. At least I had something going for me. The photos I took before last week were better than 90% of the competition and now – after the course, maybe even 95%. Still that is from a pool of surprisingly low standards.

The above title is a quote from one of the great pioneers of industrial design who is well worth a google. There is a noble truth there and we all know it because as human, seeing is believing. Dogs go for things that smell the best and we go for things that look the best. If you go on Ebay you may notice that the more professional sellers tend you use better images these days as a way of getting ahead of their competition. My wife does this when selling her designer handbags, bought from someone who doesn’t appreciate the value of a great image and sold by someone who does. If that scenario can increase an items sale price just imagine the effect it will have on the perceived value of your home?

So will a better image increase the value of your home? Yes and the biggest reason is that your home’s main image (The only one that will be seen if not clicked) will get clicked on more, if that image looks good compared to all the other images on the viewer’s screen at that time. I am of course talking about listing your property on the main property portals like Rightmove, Zoopla and Prime location here because that is how virtually all property is found these days. The agency I work for is very famous in and around the village they are based and they have a double fronted shop on the High St, yet only 7% of our customers come through the door because they know us.

If you really want to sell your home you need to get it on the above named portals through an agent but if you want anything near full market value it has to look worth it. It all starts with a click and you know what they say – Between two products equal in price, function and quality, the one with the most attractive exterior will win!