Whatever you are selling, if there is any element of competition you absolutely need the best quality and most visually attractive images to beat that competition. In today’s market and specifically in the online marketplace, it’s all about the clicks. It all starts with a click and no clicks = no sale! You need “click bait” images!

A Click is the start of a journey for your buyer and you wont get a second chance to make a good first impression on them. Now is the very best time to to beat the competition with attractive and professional photography for your property be it a house, car , your business or work your business has done. High quality images will better portray the quality of any subject. Anything less is simply not marketing.

Selling or Renting Property

If you are selling or renting property through an agent please be aware that there are many agents in that industry who boast professional property photography but in this area (FY postcodes) I don’t know of any that can claim that. Some are better than others but why risk the sale of your most expensive asset? Ask yourself if you would be confident of the agent photographing your daughters wedding and if not, remind yourself which of these cost you the most. Spending a couple of hundred pounds on photographing your £300k home should be a no brainer.

The only time I ever witnessed a house going for more than the original asking price was when multiple offers came in all at once. It was a house I re-shot for a disappointed vendor. This is why you need to make a splash with your marketing. Whenever people see expensive property being sold with shoddy images it makes them think the seller is in a rush and so may take a cheeky offer. Of course an estate agent wont ever tell you that as they just want to sell as quickly as possible for as little expense to themselves as possible which is unsurprising in this dog eat dog world. They maybe even worried you expect them to pay for your photos, who knows? One thing for sure is that on rightmove and zoopla right now (May2021) 95% of the photos are just awful.