Got a Postcard?
Did you get this postcard?

If this postcard was posted through your door it was hand-delivered by me because I have seen the images that your estate agent has used for the marketing of your property and I sincerely believe that you will benefit considerably from my offer to you.

When selling your home, it can be very frustrating to see that your estate agent has not used a professional photographer to take the marketing images and given it the best chance of being seen. The truth is that competition within the industry has driven down the profit so far that there isn’t enough money in the transaction to include professional photography. All good estate agents will understand the importance of high-quality images because the work I do get from them tends to be for properties they themselves own and want to sell for the best possible price. Why they don’t pass this information on to the people who sell with them is beyond me.

The best solution to this problem is to have your home completely rephotographed by me to replace the images provided by your agent. There is no cost paid up-front for this service and you get to inspect all of the images before you decide if you would like to purchase any.

If you do wish to purchase one or more of my images they are charged at a flat rate of £6.50 per image. This gives you the freedom to combine any of my images with your agent’s images and gives you full control over any costs. If you decide you want to keep the agent’s photos as they are and not use any of the images I take for you, then there is no charge at all. You simply can’t lose and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

The importance of using high-quality images for marketing can not be understated and if you are in any doubt of the value of using professional images for marketing property then you would do well to research it for yourself. However, a good place to start is from an online estate agent journal for estate agents by estate agents:

In America, there have been studies done to try determine the importance of good property photography and that can be read here:

If you would like to enquire about this offer please call me on 07908 221 762