Even though you have two out of three of the major portals for marketing your properties, unless you make those properties look attractive to buyers, your selling rate will always be low. If 90% of your buyers are shopping for a home on-line, the way your listings look is going to be the most essential factor in generating buyer interest. We have all seen better looking homes generate more interest and the spike in portal click rates when these properties come on. This is exactly why ALL your listings must stand out from the crowd more than ever. And now is the very best time to start raising the bar in the way you market your properties simply because most estate agents actually believe that their property photographs are good enough. This situation is going to provide you with all the leverage you need to get an edge in a competitive business where edges can make all the difference.

Whether you are marketing a million pound plus family home or a buy to let, I will do my very best to illustrate the benefits of buying the property and get a great main image to boost those all important first clicks. The quality and control of light along with good composition and some time in post production, can make all the difference. You don’t need to believe me when is say this because your satisfaction guarantee comes in the form of the fact that I will photograph all your properties for free and only charge you a fixed agreed rate per photograph used in the marketing of that property. If you and your vendor are happy to use the photos that you can provide for free, then there is no cost. The real bonus to you is that either way, your vendor will appreciate the extra effort you took in giving their property the best chance of selling.

Marketing property is expensive but allocating a budget for professional photography will better ensure your ROI, as your listings will be getting the kind of traffic they deserve. Professional photography is no longer a luxury and I believe that soon enough it will be an absolute necessity. Leverage comes to those that keep ahead of the curve and make an impact whilst all the others are playing catch up.

This is why hiring me to take your property photographs is so important.

  • Competition is fierce and getting an edge on the competition is not easy.
  • Buyers are savvy, want to be impressed and want lots of information.
  • New marketing platforms such as social media are either drawing attention away from your business or to it.
  • Agents have to give more to their vendors to lower their risk of loosing them.
  • Some progressive on-line and high street agents are already offering this.
  • Would you want your most expensive asset marketed with a few snapshots? Of course you wouldn’t.
  • The best time to break through the competition is when still so many of them don’t fully understand the points made above.

One question to ask is, can you afford not to use professional photography? With current market conditions, smart and demanding buyers, on-line estate agents, as well as the local competition, your marketing budget needs to go into the things that actually help to sell your listings. There is little to be gained from doing the same things over and expecting different outcomes. A trail of sorts will help you to evaluate this for yourself.

Your new secret weapon.

I have worked as an estate agent for a couple of years with both an on-line and high street agent. I have a fairly good idea of the industry though I am no expert. Taking the photographs was the only part of the job I loved and this is why I am where I am doing what I do. One of the most important roles of an agent is to win instructions often knowing that you are one of a few other agents being considered. I know that every instruction I won was on the strength of my photography. Think about a situation where you have been in where you could have won the instruction if only you could have handed the vendor your tablet with a slide show of killer images of your listings. In Lancashire I estimate that less than one in twenty of those competitors could have beaten you in those circumstances. Even if I supply you with some of my images to show your vendor, the impact made will be projected on you. So what do you have to loose by calling me to arrange a short meeting to chat this over?