If you are selling your house or somehow renting it out, you will no doubt want to get the full market value for it. No matter what state the market is in when you do this, showing your property off at it’s best will always pay. I have seen properties that have been on sale for a whole year suddenly get interest and sell after their photos have been retaken and it no longer surprises me when this happens. Sadly most estate agents don’t offer enhanced photography as standard but there is nothing stopping you from arranging this for yourself and giving the agent the photos to be used. You could even ask them to provide a free floor plan given that you have saved them time in taking the photos?

Estate agents have their very own requirements for photos but I have found that it’s best to take far more than you need and let them decide which ones are “the money shots” (most have differing opinions on this!). Also choosing the right estate agent can be tricky because there are different types of agent offering different levels of service. One thing that is certain and the main reason you need an agent is that you will need to be listed on one or more of the major property portals. These portals currently only accept listings from estate agents and the three main ones are:


You are most likely to find that an agent will list their properties with two of these three portals.

Another benefit to having your own photos is that you have the rights to use them with another agent should the first agent fail to bring you an acceptable offer in the time given as sole agency which is usually 12-16 weeks. Though this is less likely if you have decent images in the first place.