Whatever you are selling, if there is competition you need to be the one that looks the best. Anything less is not marketing because you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Today’s market is all about the clicks. No clicks = no sale. You need lots of clicks to funnel down the real buyers and therefore you need “click bait” images to increase the size of this funnel.

One of those clicks is likely to be the start of a journey for your buyer. The images you show will have a strong effect on your buyer and in the context of selling property or real estate the images are simply there to get them to your property to view it for themselves. No view = no sale.

Selling/Renting Property, Airbnb & HMO’s

Most of my clients are as stated above. I came from an estate agency background but after a few years I realised that the only part of the job that I loved, was taking the marketing images. (I left my job to do just this in 2016.) What these type of images have in common is that they have to represent the space in a number of ways. People will always want to know if they will have enough space, if that space is clean, if the space around it is nice, what the view is like, does it look like good value for the money? etc. Airbnb clients will also want some “lifestyle” images to compliment these shots because they will be focussed on the details that justify the higher rates charged. All these images have to look the very best they can in the best possible light. Anything less is just not marketing.

Selling or renting your home through an estate agent.

As an estate agent my boss was always on my case (rightly so) about the amount of time it would take me to edit the photos I took for my vendors. Estate agents will never have the time it takes to a proper job of your marketing images. Added to this is the fact that competition within that industry has driven down the fees they can charge to the point where there is no money left for anything other than the essentials. Even if they did sell your house for more than the asking price it wouldn’t benefit those who have you on a fixed price contract. For this reason it’s all about volume now and selling your property as quickly and for a little expense to themselves as possible. This is why you need to take that away from them and hire me directly. I will happily liaise with the agent to get your images to them in the way they require.

This testimonial is from an ex colleague in my estate agency days.