Keep ahead of your competition with these tips to help you prepare your home for photographs and viewings:


Remove all cars from the driveway/front and close any garage doors.
Remove any bins and/or rubbish.
Spruce up the garden. Mow lawns, trim shrubbery etc. (if necessary)
Put away gardening tools, equipment, children’s’ toys etc.
Set up patio furniture with cushions.


Put away all personal belongings. (Just temporarily for photos and/or viewings)
Open window coverings to let in natural light.
Clear all unnecessary items from counter tops and ledges.
Turn on all lights and replace any burnt out light bulbs.
Hide any magazines, newspapers, mail, remote controls, wires etc.
Clean windows, mop and vacuum.
If you have a log burner or open fire and it is not too warm, have it lit for viewings.
Add flowers or tasteful accessories for colour if needed.


Keep kitchen counter tops as clear of items as possible.
Remove all accessories from refrigerator.(magnets, photos, notes etc)
Remove all signs of pets. (Bowls, cushions, litter tray, etc)
A bowl of fresh, multi coloured fruit makes a nice centrepiece.


Clear away any personal items and cleaning products from sight.
Clear away towels and packets of toilet roll etc.
Clean everything including mirror and toilet. Put toilet seat down. (Fellas!)


Remove eye distractions. (Photos, posters, personal items, clothes, teddies, toys, bins etc)
Make the beds with fresh, clean, crease free linen.
Add flowers or cushions to add a bit of colour if needed.

If budget allows, consider doing any repairs that are needed, decorating in neutral shades and laying new carpets (if required)

Think about odours! Everyone gets used to the scent of their own home. Maybe ask an honest, trustworthy friend what they smell initially when they walk in? A recent study shows that a relaxing scent can increase the chance of a sale!

Keep everything simple, clean and fresh. Make your home welcoming, comfortable and clutter free.