As you can see from the logo, I am no designer but I have been into photography for some 20 years, back in the day of 35 mm film cameras. My old Olympus SLR camera was fully manual and I had no choice but to learn how the camera works to get all those effects modern cameras serve up automatically. Most of my early work was unpaid, photographing local bands who were mainly friends of mine from my own band days in the early 90’s. I still enjoy photographing gigs and I am glad more people are doing that now. I got into real estate photography simply by getting into real estate. I quickly found out that the majority of estate agents don’t understand cameras and I was happy that I had something going for me in the estate agent business.

Every instruction I ever signed as an estate agent was signed on the strength of the quality of images I was able to provide at no extra cost. Getting vendors to sell with you when you can show your images in juxtaposition with those of the other agents who had visited was easy. In estate agency I also found that photographing properties was the only part of the job I loved to do. When I photograph a property the client will get an online gallery of the images I have taken so that they can choose which images they wish to purchase:

Although most of my work comes from estate agents I am available for private hire if you are thinking of selling your home. Even if your home is already on the market I can help by liaising with the agent to get their website images replaced so that the portals they subscribe to reflect those changes too. Either way, the cost will be small compared to the value you will add to your property including the time it takes to get noticed. Think of how much time and investment goes into making a supermarket product look good. It’s all about catching the eye and those portals are nothing more than property supermarkets.